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From: "Enrico Jörns" <>
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Subject: [RAUC] [ANNOUNCE] RAUC v1.0 released
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 21:05:17 +0100	[thread overview]
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it is there! Just like an early Christmas present: The release we've all
been waiting for: The 1.0 version of RAUC!
This finally visibly underlines the maturity RAUC already had in the
prior releases.

Find it here:

Since the rc1 we provided in October, a remarkable collection of
fixes and documentation updates has been added.

The most invasive change that also did cost most of the time, but which
was really necessary, was moving away from the error-prone default
Travis environment to a custom docker image which dramatically increased
the stability and speed of tests in Travis.

With the 1.0 release we now also support OpenSSL 1.1.

Find the short summary of the 1.0-rc1 release and a more detailed list
on what changed since 1.0-rc1 below.

We would again like to say thank you to all that tested 1.0-rc1 and
reported issues or provided fixes!

Best regards and happy (and robust) updating,

The RAUC Team


1.0-rc1 Release summary:

This version adds several enhancements and new features concerning
signing and signature handling.
One of the most important improvements is the support for passing
Keys/Certificates stored on PKCS#11 tokens (e.g. for using a smart card
or HSM).
Also the boot selection interface gained several fixes and enhancements,
especially concerning the U-Boot integration that now implements the
full feature set of obtaining and setting the boot status.

Several extensions of the D-Bus API and some code refactoring now allow
'rauc status' to fully work over D-Bus (if enabled) and finalizes the
clear separation between client and service.

Another topic that got a lot attention is easing RAUC debugging by
providing more targeted debugging and error messages, adding
documentation, etc.

It is important to note that also several potential issues for the
actual installation process were fixed, e.g. by adding proper fsync()
handling, using O_EXCL for opening devices, or by fixing uid/gid
handling during tar extraction.

RAUC now also fully supports using file:// URI's and allows to open
bundles that have a custom file name extensions for cases where this
really mandatory of any reason.


Release 1.0 (released Dec 20, 2018)


  * Support OpenSSL 1.1
  * Use OPENSSL_config() instead of OPENSSL_no_config()
  * Handle curl_global_init() return code

Bug fixes

  * Fix error handling when resolving the backing file for a loop device
  *  Fix error reporting when no primary slot is found with u-boot (by
Matthias Bolte)
  * Fix memory leaks when parsing handler output
  * Fix compiler error when building with --disable-network
  * Handle fatal errors during curl or openssl initialization
  * Fix boot selection handling for asymmetric update setups
  * Fix default variant string in case of failure when obtaining
  * Fix return codes when giving excess arguments to CLI functions
  * Let 'rauc service' return exit code != 0 in case of failure
  * Print 'rauc service' user error output with g_printerr()
  * Fix showing primary slot (obtained via D-Bus) in 'rauc status'
  * Fix showing inverted boot-status (obtained via D-Bus) in 'rauc status'
  * Minor output and error handling fixes and enhancements


  * Fake entropy in uml tests to fix and speed up testing
  * Fix creating and submitting coverity report data
  * Migrate to using Docker images for testing
  * Changed coverage service from coveralls to
  * Switch to uncrustify 0.68.1


  * Provided slot configuration examples <sec-example-slot-configs> for
common scenarios
  * Fixes and enhancements of README.rst to match current state
  * Add sphinx DTS lexer for fixing and improving dts example code parsing

Contributions from: Ahmad Fatoum, Enrico Jörns, Jan Lübbe, Matthias Bolte

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