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From: Ladislav Michl <>
Cc: Trent Piepho <>
Subject: [RAUC] [RFC 0/3] Fix slots with nodev mounts
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 11:48:03 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20190510094803.GA29451@lenoch> (raw)

Hi there,

this is just an attempt to make rauc work with nodev mounted slots.
It is based on where first
patch in the serie is meant to be squashed there.

Second patch then implements matching against ubi:<vol_name>
device naming scheme and can be easily extended. Now with
$ cat /proc/mounts 
ubi0:rootfs0 / ubifs ro,relatime,assert=read-only,ubi=0,vol=0 0 0
It is able to correctly find slot and use it as seed slot for casync:
$ rauc status
Compatible:  Foomatic System
Booted from: rootfs.0 (system0)
Activated:   rootfs.0 (system0)
slot states:
  rootfs.1: class=rootfs, device=/dev/ubi0_1, type=ubifs, bootname=system1
      state=inactive, description=, parent=(none), mountpoint=(none)
      boot status=good
  rootfs.0: class=rootfs, device=/dev/ubi0_0, type=ubifs, bootname=system0
      state=booted, description=, parent=(none), mountpoint=/
      boot status=good

Third patch is again just a preview - r_mount_slot should be fixed
instead. I'm assuming anything having ext_mount_point set is already
mounted there, thus only bind mount makes sense here. Correct?

Please review, I'd like to have patch 1 and (rewritten) patch 3
merged for v1.1 milestone :)

Thank you,

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