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* [RAUC] [ANNOUNCE] RAUC v1.1 released
@ 2019-06-05 16:58 Enrico Jörns
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From: Enrico Jörns @ 2019-06-05 16:58 UTC (permalink / raw)
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just before the beautiful shine of the new has fully disappeared from
RAUC 1.0, it is now time to bring out a new release: v1.1.

This release comes with some remarkable memory leakage fixes you should
not miss.

As new features, we now have full support for reading GRUB2
status like we had for the other bootloader implementations already.

A minor feature but quite useful for debugging certificate issues is the
new ability to use --dump-cert without requiring successful verification.

Especially system integrators may like the support for using multiple
keyring certificates from a directory. This will avoid conflicts when
installing multiple certificates from different build system packages.

As a result of various community feedback and discussion, this release
adds a bunch of documentation updates targeting potential
misunderstandings and explains some unclear topics in more detail.

Find a detailed list on what was added, changed and fixed since v1.0 below.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who tested for v1.1,
reported issues or contributed new features!

Best regards and fail-safe updating,

The RAUC Team



  * Check that we do not generate a bundle inside a source directory
  * Added full GRUB2 support, including status and primary slot readback
(by Vitaly Ogoltsov and Beralt Meppelink)
  * Allow passing a slot's name via commandline instead of it's bootname
  * Show each slot's name in ``Booted from`` line of ``rauc status`` to
simplify identification
  * Add ``resize`` option for ext4 slots to let RAUC run resize2fs on an
ext4 slot after copying the image.
  * Allow dumping the signer certificate (``--dump-cert``) without
  * Allow specifying a keyring directory with multiple files to support
non-conflicting installations of certificates from different packages
(by Evan Edstrom)
  * Add a bootloader option ``efi-use-bootnext`` (only valid when
bootloader is 'efi') to disable usage of BootNext for marking slots primary.
  * Support setting a system variant in the ``system-info`` handler via
  * D-Bus "mountpoint" property now also exports external mount point
  * Made slot state, compatible and variant available as environment
variables for slot hooks
  * Made system variant variable available as an environment variable
for bundle hooks

Bug fixes

  * Fix memory leaks in D-Bus notification callbacks (by Michael Heimpold)
  * Fix memory leaks in resolve_bundle_path (by Michael Heimpold)
  * Do not print misleading status dump when calling ``mark-*`` subcommands
  * Avoid mmap'ing potentially huge files (by Rasmus Villemoes)
  * Fix and cleanup checksum verification and handling (by Rasmus Villemoes)
  * Avoid assertion error caused by unconditional slot status hash table
  * Make a-month-from-now validity check in signature verification more
robust (by Rasmus Villemoes)


  * Enable lgtm analysis for tests
  * Restructure signature tests with set_up and tear_down (by Evan Edstrom)
  * Move from gcc-6 to gcc-7
  * Build environment fixes and workarounds


  * A failure in calling barebox_state bootchooser implementation should
be propagated
  * Update to latest ``git-version-gen`` upstream version
  * Tail-call real rauc suprocess in ```` (by Angus Lees)
  * Consistently return newly-allocated objects in ``resolve_path()``
  * Enforce space between ``if`` and ``(`` via uncrustify


  * Added an initial version of a man page (by Michael Heimpold)
  * Extended D-Bus API documentation
  * Improve description of how RAUC detects the booted slot
  * Added lgtm badge
  * Add hints on library dependencies
  * Clarifications on how to build and install RAUC
  * Add note on basic RAUC buildroot support
  * Clarification on usage of RAUC on host and target side
  * Clarified documentation of 'use-bundle-signing-time' option (by
Michael Heimpold)
  * Typos fixed

Contributions from: Angus Lees, Arnaud Rebillout, Beralt Meppelink,
Enrico Jörns, Evan Edstrom, Ian Abbott, Jan Lübbe, Michael Heimpold,
Rasmus Villemoes, Ulrich Ölmann, Vitaly Ogoltsov

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Industrial Linux Solutions                 |  |
Peiner Str. 6-8, 31137 Hildesheim, Germany | Phone: +49-5121-206917-5080 |
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